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Solideas has supported PMC with several operational engineering projects since 2016. Ariel always thinks outside the box to come up with new solutions for our clients, and delivers on time. It is always a pleasure working with him

Christopher, Pinske Management Consulting

We’ve made big steps forward with Solideas, with improved processes and sustainable results resulting from our initiatives. Working with Ariel Saldana has been a pleasure for all of the staff he has engaged with.

Matt, VP of Manufacturing Operations

Solid ideas, long lasting solutions…

Our recipe is simple: we combine the knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity of your teams with 25 years of experience in operations improvement in diverse industries, and utilize innovative tools and methodologies to understand and visualize your processes. Then, we propose and implement amazing solutions.

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Ariel Saldana, PEng

Senior Consultant 

Bridges experience working with Global Leaders, Small and Medium Enterprises and passion for operational excellence.

Cristina Zamora


The master mind behind SOLIDEAS Business Processes that keeps them running smooth and efficiently.



IT Professionals, Data Scientists, Business Processes Specialists and Process Improvement experts hired in a per-project basis.

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Some Of Our Most Recent Assignments:


  • Implementation of One-Piece flow production systems in three assembly lines, for a high-tech imaging solutions manufacturer.
  • Design and implementation of Visual Management tools to monitor inventory levels of kits and trigger new kits preparation, in a High-Tech manufacturing setting.
  • Assemby and Testing Line Balancing, using discrete-event simulation and time studies for High-Tech Setting.
  • Setup of a production line for trimming machines in a crop harvesting and solution engineering company.
  • Design and implementation a quality management system based on ISO9001:2015 requirements in a high-tech medical clinic.
  • Workflow analysis and optimization of medical consultation in busy family doctors’ clinic.
  • Data analytics to determine potential scenarios to improve immunization success rates in a governmental health agency.

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    You will be amazed to see how LEAN is applicable not only in Manufacturing but also in many other sectors such as Healthcare, hospitality and Financial services. We have a sharp eye to recognize waste in its many forms such as reworking/remaking, over processing, transportation, movement, etc. Let us help you reduce costs while increasing quality and productivity.

  • Data Analytics

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    Data Analytics

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    Overwhelmed by the multiple roles, tasks, systems, data sources, etc. that make up your business? We can help you resolve issues that will impact your overall performance. We do this through a meticulous analysis of your processes and systems, then utilize the data we retrieve and apply advanced analytics to optimize your operation efficiency and performance.

  • Training

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    Train your teams on continuous improvement, statistics, quality management and LEAN, through our on-site and on-line training sessions. Unleash your business’ full potential and allow your collaborators to be all they can be using our proven methodologies.

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220 Brew St 301, Port Moody, BC V3H 0H6, CANADA
107-3333 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Port Moody, BC V3H 2E4 , CANADA


Inquires : (604) 500-4959 (8AM - 6PM PST)

Administration : (604) 917-0356 (9AM - 5PM PST)


Inquires : info@solideas.ca

Administration: admin@solideas.ca

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Software para administración de sistemas de gestión

Solideas es el representante en Latino América de Q-bo, software de control y gestión de calidad ISO indicado para mejorar la eficacia de los sistemas de gestión basados en Normas ISO.

Ventajas de Q-bo

  • Ahorro de tiempo y costes en implantación y mantenimiento del sistema
  • Reducción de plazos para la obtención de la certificación
  • Análisis y control de los procesos del sistema
  • Realización sencilla de registros de calidad
  • Implantación rápida y fácil del ciclo de mejora continua
  • Simplificación documental
  • Planificación de tareas periódicas y comunicación mediante correo electrónico
  • Gestión de riesgos de la organización



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